We humbly greet you in the name of our living God who has also enabled us to share his work spiritually. We are all born with a purpose and The Lord God Wants the best for us. Let’s all put our arms together and give help, prayers, and support.

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed, who correctly handles the word of truth” ( 2 Timothy 2:15 )

We are located in Western Uganda in Kitoro Trading Center, Kitoro Town Council and based on our mission in this location. The ministry is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO), Registered Community Based Organisation in Kitoro Uganda. It is a newly started Ministry registered on October 26th, 2018. The organization’s objective is to restore hope to the hopeless and give help to the desperate such as orphans, widows, disadvantaged youths, elders and vulnerable people. We believed we are able to build a sustainable community and defeat poverty in a large number of families in Western Uganda.

The organization’s objective is to restore hope to the hopeless and give help to the desperate such as orphans, widows, disadvantaged youths, elders and vulnerable citizens. The implementers of the organization are Derrick Pare and Aine Ronald who received a common inspiration and idea for the project and decided to start something which can benefit and transform many souls both spiritually and financially. The above-mentioned implementers are being supported by Paul Kemp. This Enrolls 30 individuals of which 16 children who are orphans (7 to 18 years), 10 are youth (16 to 20), 2 are widows and 2 are Elders (grandfather and grandmother). (See our Document)

When we talk about orphan’s these are a group of people who lost one of the parents or both or the whole family. As a ministry, we have decided to take care of them through your support, help, and prayers toward them. These kids really are in need of your support. Some of them don’t have any parents and are living with their grandmother and others have only one parent. They need to go to school to become important people in the future and to help their young brothers and sisters and also the community. We have children who are taken care of by there mothers but don’t have basic needs to care about them like clothes, shelter, food, water, soap, paraffin for lighting at night. All the children are in primary level except two boys who are in secondary. These children depend on us for food, shelter, water, clothes, medical care, and education among others needs. We believe that if we come up to this young generation and give support to them it will both help them to be in the position of accessing basic needs, health services and become important people in future. They will be basically dependent on donations to live.

Education These children will be getting their school fees from the well-wishers. The children move 2 ½ kilometers every morning to reach the nearby school. The quality of education that they get from this school basically is low quality. On matters concerning academics, the teachers at this school are ever on pressure due to their certification with the government which limits their work done in class which leads children who perform very poorly.

Health In the area. There is only one health center called Mwanza Health Center which is about 3 kilometers away from the area. Spirituality, the knowledge of God and His Son Jesus Christ is very low. There is only one Church within the area and the others are 3 ½ kilometers. We move about 1 ½ kilometer to reach the nearby Church for prayers. We decided to involve the YOUTH in order that they can be saved through sharing the Gospel of our Lord Savior JESUS CHRIST.

Water. The area does not have any source of water like Community a well or developed water tanks for drinking. We only get water from the wells which are not clean for drinking.


1.Spreading the gospel and evangelism

2. Providing school fees.

3. Providing basic needs to the widows, and elders like clothes, food, soap, salt, fuel for cooking and other necessities of living.

4. Providing school materials like books, pens, pencils, school uniforms (i.e Trouser for boys, Skirts for girls, shirts, and shoes for both).

5. Caring for the needy children and vulnerable ones.

6. Equipping skills to the needy and vulnerable children and the community.

7. Equipping the children with relevant skills and establishing income-generating projects.

8. Providing the children basic needs like food, accommodation, shelter, clothes among other necessities.


1.Construction of new PIGGERY PROJECT for the youth as their source of income which will also inspire other youth in the community. (The youth are mainly guided and taught how to be transformed into an important person). PIGGERY; Refers to the rearing of pigs. The project may differ in terms of income depending on one’s capital invested in the project, (the more capital invested the more output generated) the projects output may take very little time compared to other projects as in rearing animals because the gestation period of a pig is much shorter compared to a cow or a goat. Secondly, pigs grow faster and their lactation period is also short that is why I chose the piggery project. This is our responsibility to lead these children in a way that will help them to be self-reliant in the future and there they will be able to care for their own families in the old stages.


1. The youth face a challenge of the long distance covered for mission outreach due to lack of transport when going for gospel outreach in the nearby areas.

2. The caretakers of the children face a problem of land shortages where they could practice Agriculture.

3. The children move 2 ½ kilometers to reach the nearby school which doesn’t provide quality education to them. 4.Limited land for Agriculture.


1. We plan to practice agriculture on a large scale such that we can get some food from our own Land to reduce the high price of food products.

2. We also plan if we get sufficient funding to buy food for the caretakers of the children which can be used in the periods of food scarcity.

3. We also plan to set up a piggery project for the youth such that they can make their own source of income in a community. And also rabbit rearing projects for the children such that our children can be able to help their families in providing home requirements. We require your support, help, prayers, and the guidance of God to turn our dreams into actuals.


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